Welcome to the new Parent & Family Programs blog.  We are excited to embark on this new blogging adventure with you!

This blog is unique. Articles are written for LSU families and by LSU families, students, staff and friends.

Check back often for exciting articles about college parenting, student life, campus organizations, academics, life outside of the classroom, and more!

Here’s how you can make the most of this blog:

  • Read posts written by LSU students, parents and other LSU community members to get a behind the scenes look at life at LSU.
  • Comment on posts, ask questions and share posts with family and friends.
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Now, let’s get blogging!


Graduate Assistant, Parent & Family Programs


5 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Anyone have any advice on sending a care package to their student living in an off-campus apartment? Every time the Post Office attempted delivery (signature required), my son wasn’t at home. Not to mention that the box wouldn’t fit in his mailbox. He doesn’t have a car to go pick the package up at the Post Office. The Post Office ended up returning the package to me (that I spent $25 to mail!).

    1. Hi Martha,

      Have you tried either UPS or Fedex. I personally have used UPS many times. I believe with UPS your son can schedule a delivery. Also, with some packages, your son can sign the back of the slip and they will leave the package at the door.

      Good luck!

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